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نحن في اكسبرس هم خبراء في العلامات التجارية و الهبوط الأعمال في دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة مع سهولة

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    تريد أن تبدأ الأعمال في دبي?
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    هو كل ما تحتاجهEXPRESS

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    دعم كامل لإعداد الأعمال و

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    بناء نجاحكم
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    ونحن نبني حلمك في الإمارات العربية المتحدة

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    مكاتب مفروشة
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صريحة المجموعة هي واحدة من أبرز شركة استشارات الأعمال في UAE. نحن نعد لتقديم حلول نهاية إلى نهاية الأعمال ونعتقد أن أشياء عظيمة لا يمكن أن يتم عن طريق احد وحقق من قبل فريق من الناس .

We Believe that Every Client is Unique & Requires a Unique Solution, Hence with Our Experience & Expertise Helping our Clients to Take Right Desion at Right Time.
Selecting Express as a Contributor for Your Business Success is a Significant Vote of Confidence.We Would be Pleased to Apply Our Experience ,Solutions and Results on Your Business So that You Can Start Building Your Success.
We Don't Wait for the Perfect Moment, We Take the Moment and Make it Perfect.
We Start by doing What's Necessary,Then Focus on What's Possible and Finally We Make it Happen.
If Things are Done in Right Way You Have Nothing to Lose,Because You Have Nothing to Fear & Things will go Your Way.
Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the after glow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best. We Work Positively Together to Get Job Done the Best Way Possible

About Express

Experts In Business Solutions


Setting up Business is an integral decision and we help our clients to take the right decision at the right time with our expertise and experience.


We strive to bring you a better service through our team of motivated professionals giving your business a touch of class & elegance


Our clients can rest assured knowing that we have over 10 years of experience and are professional in our handling of the incorporation process. 


A dedicated team comprising of Business Consultants , Account & Audit , Technical Support team will be your point of contact.


Express Group is one of the leading firm in UAE.We are active in all around the Middle East, U.K, U.S.A, Canada, Australia, Pakistan and the Indian subcontinent. We are engaged in every aspect of the documentation industry including attestation and apostle, PRO services, Business Setup and any work related to Immigration, Labor, Economic, tasheel etc. We offer customized services for new company formation and registration in Dubai. From new company formation to the effective public relations and event management, we do everything to nurture your new business. Express Group is a licensed agent in Dubai registered with Ministry of Economic Department. And is established with the sole vision of ensuring reliability and trust in the service industry. We have a lot of prestigious clients in our list and is looking forward to serve you whenever there is a requirement. By offering a quality solution users can always be overcome and simplified. As an Experienced document clearing agent so that we can consult those who going to start a new business or company as a perfect business partner of yours to lead to a right direction. .


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All that You Need to Setup Your Business in UAE under one ROOF

Business setup

We undertake projects for Main Land,FreeZones & Offshore including Industrial, commercial & professional registrations.It can be a LLCs ,Joint Ventures,sole ,Foreign / Local Branch.

Document Clearing

We offer document clearing made to suit your Business Needs.A professional company specializes in world wide document authentication & Legalization for international use.


Without right knowledge about business environment of UAE, simple processes and procedures can run into days and weeks unnecessarily holding up your business. Legal transactions with Government..


We Offer a Systematic process of recording, storing and presenting company financial data by maintaining complex records of all financial transactions, including things like sales revenue and expenses in addition to costs such as payrolls and taxes.


Offering High Quality Legal Translation Services on time with most competative prices and delivering any where in UAE. Trust, Quality & Efficiency are our Hallmark for our Valued Customers.


At Express Business Center we endeavor to bring the best to you & offer exclusive Services ,quality efficiency and trust are our hallmark.


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